Michelini i Mufatto is Andrea Mufatto, Gerardo Michelini and Manuel Michelini’s winery.  A family enterprise with a common vision aimed at making wines guided by an approach based on respect, purity and accuracy, implemented into three terroirs: the Uco Valley (Argentina), Bierzo (Spain) and Maldonado (Uruguay). Mother, father and son share a way to interpret a natural environment and its fruits, involving the thorough quest for the essence of each terrain’s character.

The kick-off of all undertakings is the search for vineyards with history and intention; plants with history that are part of each place’s heritage, conceived by their forefathers for the generations to come.
Michelini i Mufatto works with vines that express their talent and crossroads, in an attempt to find the peculiarity of each terroir.


After that, during winemaking, the key to success include inspecting, respecting and interpreting while taking the place’s tradition into account.
Michelini i Mufatto’s primary focus in all terroirs is wine ageing. Only carefully selected, top-quality cooperage is chosen, strictly respecting the time required by each wine to achieve its maximum expression.


Michelini i Mufatto’s wines talk about the sky and the land where they were born. Symmetrical, deep, accurate, pure and sensitive reds and whites which are the true reflection of their terroirs of origin and the essence of a winemaking idea and philosophy. These wines are more textured than fruity, and more austere rather than exuberant. Each of them expresses the terroir of origin in a frank and delicate way, made by paying attention to the finest details. Each bottle embodies an interpretation that is worthy of consideration and perception.

Michelini i Mufatto works with three types of wines: town wines, which faithfully identify their region of origin; estate wines, which reflect the expression of a chosen vineyard; and plot wines, which seek to express each place’s microscopy and its silent and subtle secret.



The mountains’ altitude, the sand and the calcareous soils, the cold nights, the La Cautiva terroir (Gualtallary) and the old vineyards which are part of the province’s history are core elements of Michelini I Mufatto at the Uco Valley.


The winery run by Michelini i Mufatto in Maldonado, Uruguay, aims at making wines that highlight the terroir’s main characteristics: the sea influence, its mountains’ granite soil, rainfall and clouds.


Bierzo’s wine cellar was born after travelling across Spain several times, when Andrea Mufatto and Gerardo Michelini fell in love with the region of Bierzo, and specifically with some forgotten areas of Ponferrada, such as Valdecañada and Ozuela.

“We make wines that reflect the soul of each terroir.”

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